How do I become an Alumno?

Upon leaving IIT all scientific and administrative staff can automatically become lifelong members of the IIT Alumni Network if they wish to.

Also, if you are still part of IIT and you would like to join the network, you are more than welcome to submit your request for invitation by clicking on "Request Invitation" on the Homepage and filling the form.


How can I find my friends?

From the section “People” you have a series of filters to find your friends on the directory. You can search by name, surname or even area of interest in case you were looking for someone with specific interests or skills. Also, you can send them private messages clicking on the balloon icon on the top right corner and typing the name of the person you wish to write to.

How do I import my profile from Linkedin?

On your first log-on, the platform allows you to export your work experience from Linkedin. The “import” button also appears each time you log to your profile page.
Otherwise, you import in any other moment by clicking on the blue “Update from Linkedin” button on your profile page.

This automatically connects you to your Linkedin page. You will be asked to insert your credentials and a page will appear with the info that you can import.

Check out this tutorial!


Why doesn’t Linkedin import my whole profile?

Linkedin only allows to import a selected amount of information: profile pic, headline, summary and your current role.

All that is not marked as “I currently work here” on your Linkedin page will NOT be imported.

If you wish to import your whole work experience, follow the steps below:


How do I manage my notifications?

Click on the round icon on the top right corner and a drop-down menu will appear with multiple items. Click on My setting to access the setting page.

Here you can control the flow of information coming from IIT Alumni and select or de-select any of the listed options according to your liking.

Always remember to save after each setting change clicking on the “Save” blue button at the bottom of the page.

Check out this tutorial!


How do I fill in and change my profile?

Access your profile by clickiing on the round icon at the top right corner of each page.From the profile page you can modify your experience and personal info, change your profile picture as well as your background picture.
You can add your work experience manually or by exporting it from Linkedin.

When you add it manually, you will likely have  to “create a new company” for your workplace. This happens because

Each single time you click on one of the “little pencils” to edit something, you then have to click on either Cancel or Save in order to continue updating other sections.

For some areas – such as “Lives in”, Area of interest, CV uploading tool – you first need to click on the “Edit” button at the top right corner of the page.

Check out this short tutorial about how to fill in your profile.


How do I delete my account?

If you decide you want to crush our hearts and delete your account from the network you can - we won't hold a grudge! Write an email to the admin asking to have your account removed. All your data will be permanently deleted within 30 days top.

 If you have any doubt that was not answered by our FAQ, please send us an email!


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