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More than 1300 - and counting - highly specialised scientists and professionals from over 59 different countries have already worked in IIT laboratories and offices, giving their contribution to research since IIT kicked off in 2005.

IIT Alumni is a Community dedicated to connecting you with this dynamic pool of people spread around the world, your old friends and colleagues, to share messages as well as job opportunities and keep up to date with what’s happening in IIT today.

We aim to nurture the significance of a shared experience in order to convey IIT values of excellence and innovation even after your involvement with IIT ends.

By doing so, IIT Alumni intends to promote and facilitate collaborations and knowledge exchange in the most exquisite IIT spirit: with a human touch!

20th of September 2018

And so it begins. IIT Alumni is the brand new project from Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia to reunite – even if just virtually for now – all the talents that have passed by IIT laboratories and offices since it was first founded, back in 2005.

On the 20th September, the project was officially launched by making the online platform accessible and, on the same day, by hosting Alessandro Levi, a former IIT PhD student and now CEO of his own start-up in Silicon Valley, to hold a talk in IIT central Lab in Genova.

By creating a dedicated platform for its Alumni, IIT intends to offer a space for sharing ideas, projects and job opportunities as well as giving the chance to all users to connect with each other. IIT is a big reality that counts 11 different centres within Italy and 2 out-stations in the US at the MIT and at Harvard. People with a common ground, with shared interests and the same background might never physically or, even worse, intellectually meet and this is a real waste of brainpower because, as we all know very well especially in research, teamwork makes the dreamwork. And the more inter-connected people are, the more ideas can bloom and bear fruits.

It is not just research and innovation we are trying to push, but also the value of human relationships. When an “IITian” moves to a new place or is looking for opportunities in another lab or company, they can check if any of their former colleagues live or work there and get in touch to share opinions and ask questions.

Many of these talents stayed in Italy after leaving the Fondazione, but many others left and are now working in foreign Universities and companies or they have built up their own business and start-ups, expanding significantly the geographical range of connections within the network. By posting events or job offers, in fact, Alumni from all over the world can reach out to Professors in Brasil or Japan, researchers in the US or China, entrepreneurs based in Italy or New Zealand or other highly skilled professionals in Pakistan, Spain, Thailand, Cuba and so on.

By creating a dedicated network, we aim to nourish the sense of having been part of IIT as common ground for all these people, as a bridge that unite them all. With this tool, Alumni can enrich their paths and find new ways to pursue their growth by tapping into the force inherent in IIT multiculturalism and in its human sparkle.

With this project, IIT intends to play a role in its employee’s life also after they have left.
And it does so by weaving that thin but strong web that links all of them and that, even if invisible, helps shaping connections that, we hope, will blossom into beautiful flowers.


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