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More than 1300 - and counting - highly specialised scientists and professionals from over 59 different countries have already worked in IIT laboratories and offices, giving their contribution to research since IIT kicked off in 2005.

IIT Alumni is a Community dedicated to connecting you with this dynamic pool of people spread around the world, your old friends and colleagues, to share messages as well as job opportunities and keep up to date with what’s happening in IIT today.

We aim to nurture the significance of a shared experience in order to convey IIT values of excellence and innovation even after your involvement with IIT ends.

By doing so, IIT Alumni intends to promote and facilitate collaborations and knowledge exchange in the most exquisite IIT spirit: with a human touch!


With over 45,000 sq. mt. laboratory spaces including Genoa Central Lab (30,000 sq. mt) and 10 satellite centers in Italy and 2 abroad in Harvard and MIT, IIT is committed to keep on working towards bio-inspired technological innovation for human beings.

We investigate the working of nature that the process of evolution has determined in thousands of years. Our technologies mimics what evolution has already improved and adapted to combine both efficiency and sustainability. A new bio-inspired bio-mimetic technological paradigm and in doing this we bring new knowledge that can be used by mankind. The approach of IIT stems from a mixture of talent and inter-disciplinary science through a strong inter-connected knowledge-base.

The mutual reciprocal work of diverse disciplines give rise to progress and innovation aiding technology transfer to society to help us shape our future.

At the moment main projects include: Graphene FET Flagship (the European project for the development of graphene and two-dimensional materials), IIT-INAIL Rehab Technologies, Nikon Imaging Center, a joint lab in collaboration with Nikon dedicated to light microscopy and 19 ERC (European Research Council) grants. Since 2006 more than 160 European Projects, 170 national and international funding projects and 470 industrial projects were won.


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