What Investors look for in a changed World with Gianmario Verona

Science in times of COVID

This cycle of seminars aims at analyzing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic from different points of view. The world of science influences and is, in turn, itself influenced by various other fields complementary to it.

Within this frame, we have decided to offer IIT Alumni and the entire IIT population with the opportunity to think about aspects that are not directly visible on their daily empiric work, but which are connected to it, with the guidance of top-notch experts in sectors ranging from economics to history.

Our first meeting was with the Dean of Bocconi University, Gianmario Verona, who provided us with his unique insights on what he call the "fourth revolution", the digital one, and how this pandemic allowed us to see the real impact of this revolution, as we were able to keep up many activities despite not being able to move from home that we would not have been able to carry out just a few years ago. He laso talked about the direction of investments and answered some of your questions.

Gianmario Verona has been Rector of Bocconi University since November 2016. He is a Professor of Management. Between 2012 and 2016 he was TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) Chair in Market Innovation. Before being appointed Rector, he served Bocconi as Dean of the Faculty (2014-2016), Director of the Master in Business Administration (2012-2014) and Director of the PhD in Business Administration and Management (2009-2012). He has also been Programme Chair of the Competitive Strategy Division of the Strategic Management Society (2008-2010). He is currently Editor of the journal Strategic Organization (SAGE) and sat on the Editorial Boards of Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management and Journal of Management Studies.


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