Be aware, not scared with Chiara Fedele and Francesco Del Giudice

May 05, 2020

How is COVID-19 emergency re-shaping our habits? What is changing in our workplaces and around the world?
The IIT community around the globe fires up the engine of their videoconf tools and virtually gather to share impressions and information.



The impact of this epidemic on experimental research and on travels, as well as on the access to UK universities: these are some of the topic that were raised during this 6th episode of our awareness campaign, together with Chiara Fedele, an IIT Alumna now living in Tampere, Finland and working as a Postdoc Researcher within the Group of Smart Photonic Materials at the Tampere University and Francesco del Giudice, Lecturer in Engineering at the Swansea University in Wales, UK.

They both did their PhD in the IIT centre of Naples, where they met and are still friends, forming now two distinct elements of the bigger IIT Alumni patchwork around the globe.

Marco Monga, IIT HR Director and Sylvia Mondinelli, IIT Alumni Relations Administrator moderate the call.

IIT Alumni is the community that stems from the intention of maintaining strong relationships of friendship and collaboration among everyone who has been part of our “big family”.

Full video below

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