Hi I am Ping. I did my PhD in what used to be the department of Neuroscience and Brain Technologies (NBT) under the superb guidance of Dr Francesco Papaleo. After I graduated, I continued to do a first post-doc with Francesco. At the end of the 2-year post-doc, I returned to Singapore where I worked as a Medical Affairs associate in Bayer's regional (Southeast Asia) office. The pharmaceutical/healthcare industry has always been my industry of interest and I learned a lot in my time at Bayer. After a year in Singapore, I was offered a position at Bayer in Berlin to set up and manage the innovation hub in Berlin where I learnt a lot about different innovation methodologies. At the beginning of this year (2019), I started in Axxam (a contract research company, spin-off from Bayer) in Milan as a business development manager.

What did you bring home from your experience in IIT?

My doctoral and post-doctoral training in IIT provided me with not only specialist scientific knowledge but also transferable skills such as problem-solving, strategic planning, collaboration and analytical thinking. IIT, being an international research institute strong in different areas of research such as robotics has also given me a chance to interact with fellow scientists (friends) with expertise in different areas and gave me a good overview on these other cool science and technologies.
What memories do you have of your time in IIT?

One of my best memories are the lunch breaks with colleagues (who are also friends) on one of our terraces with a view of Forte Diamante where both scientific and non-scientific discussions are had.


Thank you Ping :)

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