Is seeing believing? Building a model system to study predictive coding in the cortex

To understand “how the brain works” we need to have ideas about what it may be doing. During the last decade predictive coding, a hypothesis putting equal if not superior weight on top-down, feedback information flow has gained traction in cognitive sciences and psychology. The biological implementation of such algorithms and the neurophysiological mechanisms supporting generative internal models however remain enigmatic. My lab has been working on developing a cell based model system in mouse cortex to address these questions. I will present our results building this system and propose future experiments to gain insight into the working of internal models and predictive coding.

This seminar, by Ede Rancz, was held in IIT back in February 20th 2020

Ede Rancz - Group Leader, Sir Henry Dale Fellow The Francis Crick Institute, UK

Hosted by Tommaso Fellin


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