WaWord is a social app with the aim of putting in touch cancer patients, whether they are still undergoing treatments or with chronic disease or totally healed.

The idea is to encourage the sharing and exchange of information among users with a similar experience. A purposefully designed filter tool, helps users to fill a short diagnostic profile so you can decide to get in touch with someone who is currently in, or has been through the same situation.

Waword wants to tear down the wall of solitary confinement that too often goes hand in hand with cancer and, by doing so,  enable cancer patients to have a dedicated channel to enhance the dialogue.

This project was conceived and set up by biologist and former IIT researcher Fernanda Ricci. After 15 years working in research looking for new treatments for human diseases, Fernanda decides to also look a the emotional side of the disease, the one that a proper communication can be a precious help for. And so Waword is born. The name derive from the combination of "Warmth" and "Word", to indicate that warmth that can be conveyed thorugh compassion and understanding when communicating with other human beings.

If you want to help the cause, you can find a link for the crowdfunding of the project below and another link to the facebook page here (in Italian).


I want to help the cause - WaWord on Eppela

Who's Fernanda?


Fernanda is a biologist with a PhD in Molecular Biophysics and more than 15 years experience in medical research.

At the very beginning, cancer was merely a disease to study in a lab. Then it showed up in real life, targeting people who were close to me, physically and emotionally. This project stems from the ambition of giving support to cancer patients by tearing down the wall of isolation that could engulf someone who is facing such a hard and complex disease, especially once they leave hospital facilities."


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